Wednesday, February 20

Bones is Back!

According to "league sources", the Seattle Supersonics just traded Kurt Thomas to the Spurs for Brent Barry, center Francisco Elson and a 2009 first-round draft pick. Let the fire sale begin!


nuss said...

There must be some more moves happening, because now the Sonics have 15 guys on their roster. I know they can have more on a temporary basis, but the average for the season has to be 14. Maybe a package of Wally and Watson for ?????

Kyle said...

Presti is doing well for himself, IMO.

He flipped a 2nd rounder for Thomas and 2 first rounders to begin with. Now he's turning Thomas into another first rounder and some scrubs that will be off the cap soon?

This makes, what, 6 first rounders in the next 3 drafts?

Brandon said...

I liked Flip. Lets give the Pistons one of our 4 2nd round picks for Flip.

anonymous#12 said...

As long as Bones doesn't pull a Stackhouse, he'll probably be rejoining the Spurs in time to help them out in the playoffs.

glennpdx said...

The strip-down of the Sonics to fit cheap market OKC is nearly complete. Stock up on draft picks, trade away any current value, stick with youth, underachivers and the walking wounded, then wait for the moving vans. That's a plan that Sonic fans can get behind... OKC Sonic fans, that is...

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