Monday, February 25

Getting To Know Francisco Elson

1. Attended both Kilgore JC in Texas and the University of California-Berkeley. Other notable grads of Kilgore include Francisco Elson.

2. Parents are from Suriname, hometown is Rotterdam.

3. Fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, German, South American Suriname. Is hoping to learn Carlesimo this off-season.

4. Played four years in Spain.

5. According to Wikipedia, he was the second-fastest player on the Spurs behind only Tony Parker. In a full-court race against Brent Barry, Elson reportedly reached the endline before Barry was able to get out of his crouch (this is an unconfirmed story which I only just made up).

6. Elson mixed it up with Kevin Garnett in the 2004 playoffs with some physical play, and at one point he termed Garnett “gay” for the shot to the groin Elson received from the Big Ticket. Elson later had to apologize to the gay and lesbian community for his comments on Garnett’s dirty play, which he later commented was “effeminate and soft, like a morning breeze on a dewy meadow.”

7. Did You Know? Elson is not the only player from the Netherlands in the NBA. Can you name the other?


Anonymous said...

Is the answer, Francisco Elson?

Anonymous said...

That would be a good guess, especially considering the smart-ass who wrote the article, but no, it is not correct.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dan gadzuric.

Anonymous said...

Bob Hope...

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is wrong. Or else, we are looking at a ridiculous physical specimen along the lines of Sampson/Chamberlain, cuz that would mean that he's faster than Manu.

In any case, looks like we have another tall/athletic/uncoordinated center to put beside Johan and Sene.

Anonymous said...

I'll say this, Elson is pretty damned fast. He was out on more than a couple breaks last night, and he's easily as fast as Chris Wilcox.

Of course, it also helps that nobody on San Antonio was born since the Ford Administration ...

Anonymous said...

I'm dutch. Dutch-bball isn't that great. Butelson is a good player, who works very hard. Heard he won the Spanish Slamdunkcontest when he played for Barcelona. His hometown, Rotterdam, honnered him with a medal for winning the NBA-finals last year.

Anonymous said...

And the other dutch nba player is Dan Gadzuric

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