Thursday, February 21

Bill busts Clay and Stern

Supersonicsouliacs Drew and Eric both sent me this link, so I guess I ought to share it. ESPN's Bill Simmons, discussing possible trade scenerios, takes time to verbally kick Clay Bennett and David Stern in the hoo-hahs:
"The Sonics need to keep saving Clay Bennett money so he can devote more resources to needlessly destroying basketball in the city of Seattle and ripping the heart out of a loyal fan base that's only supported the NBA for 41 years and counting. Yeah, let's pull their team from them because they don't want to help a billionaire build a new arena that doesn't need to be built. That's an awesome idea. I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how David Stern could care so little about saving basketball in Seattle. It's completely inexplicable and goes against everything he's ever been about. I don't get it. I don't get it."

Read the entire article at
(Awesome art by Chunkstyle, as usual)


Eric Reynolds said...

God bless Bill Simmons.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't ESPN taken time on any of their flagship shows to discuss this? I guess deciding whether or not Dwight Howard's "Superman" was the best dunk ever is more important.

Thanks for posting, SS!

CLanterman said...

I saw this as well, and I'm surprised he got it right on the button. I hope the rest of the NBA fans in this world feel the same, because they should.

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