Friday, February 29

Late Friday News

Some last bits of news before the weekend:

1. Ira Newble has been waived to clear space for 10-day signee Mike Wilks. This proves, once again, that anyone I spend more than 20 minutes studying on the internet will be waived within two weeks. (Lightbulb! Start studying more about Clay Bennett!)

2. Robert Swift will undergo arthroscopic surgery this coming Tuesday. He's out for the year, as you would expect. The surgery will be performed by Los Angeles doctor Stephen Lombardo who, surprisingly, is not this guy.

3. Hoopshype has a enjoyable story up at the moment about all-time Sonic great Jack Sikma.

4. The Sonics have a chance at one of their seven wins before the end of the season tonight when they play the Heat. Here's a mother-in-law-driving-off-the-cliff-in-your-new-Ferrari question for you:

-Every game the Sonics lose will help the Sonics get a Derrick Rose-type PG in the draft, which is good for Sonics fans if the team stays in Seattle, but it also simultaneously helps Clay Bennett by improving the overall value of his team. So ... should we hope for a win? Hope for a loss? Hope for Clay Bennett and David Stern to be involved in some horrible, non-life-threatening accident which nevertheless compels them to forgo involvement in their day-to-day business activities?

These are the tough questions, friends.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Sikma article!!

I remember being taught the Sikma move by my freshman high school basketball coach. Needless to say, it did not work for me.

Sikma fun fact: only one of two players in NBA history with 10,000+ rebounds and 200+ 3-pointers. And the only player to accomplish most of that with a sweet perm.

Anonymous said...

Best white man perm: Jack Sikma, Paul Mokeski, or Richard Simmons? Discuss.